At Banyandah Toastmasters we showcase speakers from beginners to advanced, so you don’t need to worry about whether you can join us! At the moment we have members who have been with us one month to 10 years, aged in their twenties right through. We come from Australian to Asian backgrounds and who have English as their first or second language. We are a small friendly club where everyone get the opportunity for plenty of practice, but also to develop at their own pace. We learn to gradually overcome our fears of public speaking, developing through to a love of public speaking. We grow from scared to confident. We move from lacking in fluency, saying lots of ums and ahs to few or at times none. This is only achieved by practising, presenting and attending meetings. You’ll like our feedback- it’s positive and supportive. We follow the CRC methodology for evaluations- Commend, Recommend, Commend. That’s how we go from fear of public speaking to no more fear! Why not come and join us as a guest and watch speakers of all types learning to master that greatest of skills, that you too can master!